Officer Spotlight: Brandon Frausto


Gaming and exercise; two concepts most would say don’t go together. However, Health and Wellness Officer Brandon Frausto is working to change that within UTA.

“With esports, it can go hand-in-hand if you do it right,” Frausto said.

Frausto is working with UTA Esports to create different fitness programs. He’s developing community programs for losing weight, gaining muscle and any other goal a student may have. He’s also working with varsity esports director Drew Boehm to create an exercise template for competitive teams which should be implemented next semester.

“Working out isn’t hard at all,” Frausto said. “The hardest part is getting to the gym.”

Frausto is also raising awareness. He’s continuing the relatively new group exercise initiative, MACtive, where UTA Esports community members go to the Maverick Activities Center together. New initiatives, like the “health and wellness” text channel in the community’s Discord server, are helpful for simple tips like how a good diet helps build muscle. He also plans on schooling gamers with educational seminars like how to lift weights.

Frausto said he didn’t expect the level of excitement members showed him. On Aug. 21, the UT Arlington Esports student organization, on which the UTA Esports program was built, hosted a meetup at Old School Pizza Tavern. He recounted introducing himself to incoming freshmen and seeing them light up when he talked about the health and wellness program. He spent about three hours jumping between different interested groups.

However, not everyone shares this enthusiasm. Frausto once tried motivating a classmate who asked for help, but no matter how many reminders he gave, she never made any significant progress.

“For some people, if that reward isn’t good enough, they’re not gonna do it,” Frausto said.

For Frausto, his motivation came after a difficult time in his life. He focused on improving himself, starting with small changes, and ending with changing his major from Computer Science to Kinesiology. He recommends doing your own research and setting goals for yourself.

Over the course of three years, Frausto has lost almost 120 pounds.

“With hard work and a dream, you can pull off anything,” Frausto said.